September 29, 2023

Love to play online games. ButWindows 10 freezes when playing online games. Well this can happen due to the following reasons

  1. Graphics driver issues: If your graphics driver is outdated or corrupt, it may cause Windows 10 to freeze when playing online games. It’s important to keep your graphics driver up to date to avoid such issues.
  2. Overheating: If your computer is overheating, it can cause Windows 10 to freeze when playing online games. Make sure your computer’s cooling system is working properly and that it’s not clogged with dust.
  3. Insufficient RAM: If your computer doesn’t have enough RAM to handle the demands of the game, it may cause Windows 10 to freeze. Consider upgrading your RAM if you frequently experience freezing while playing games.
  4. Network issues: If there are problems with your internet connection or the game server, it may cause Windows 10 to freeze while playing online games.
  5. Background process Too many background processes running while you’re playing games it may cause Windows 10 to freeze. Try closing unnecessary applications and processes to free up system resources.
  6. Malware: If your computer is infected with malware it can cause Windows 10 to freeze when playing online games. Make sure you have an updated anti-virus program installed and run a full scan to remove any malware.

With that being mentioned we would definitely agree on the fact that overall diagnosing the root cause of Windows 10 freezes during online games requires investigating various factors and the solutions may vary depending on the specific situation. It’s recommended to consult a computer technician for a thorough diagnosis and solution.

However there are some quick ways as well that can help you fix the issue! Lets read further!

Solutions To Unfreeze Windows 10 Due to Free Online Games


So, now that you know the causes already, there are some simple solutions that can help you fix this issue and get back to your gaming adventures.


  1. Update your graphics driver: First things first, let’s make sure your graphics driver is up to date. Having an outdated or corrupt graphics driver can cause your computer to freeze when running high-performance games. Head over to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest version of your graphics driver.


  1. Check for overheating: Next, let’s talk about overheating. Is your computer getting too hot? That could be the culprit behind your game freezes. To fix this issue, check your computer’s temperature using a software tool like Speed Fan. If it’s too hot, clean the cooling system and consider adding additional cooling if necessary.


  1. Upgrade your RAM: If your computer is running low on RAM, it might be struggling to handle the demands of the game. Consider upgrading your RAM to a higher capacity. You can check how much RAM your computer has by using the System Information tool in Windows.


  1. Check your internet connection: Sometimes internet connectivity issues can cause freezes while playing online games. Make sure your internet connection is stable and fast enough to support online gaming by running a speed test. If there are any issues with your router or modem try resetting them.


  1. Close background processes: Closing unnecessary applications and processes that are running in the background can also help free up system resources and reduce the risk of freezing. Use the Task Manager tool in Windows to check for any unnecessary processes and applications.


  1. Scan for malware: Finally if none of these solutions work,it’s possible that your computer might be infected with malware. Run a full virus scan using an updated anti-virus program to check for any malware on your computer. If any malware is detected remove it immediately.


By following these simple steps you can significantly reduce the risk of your Windows 10 computer freezing while playing online games. So what are you waiting for? Get back to gaming with confidence!


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