September 29, 2023

Texas is famous for doing everything bigger and better.  Although its summers are legendary, many people are considering whether moving here during the fall is worth it.  It definitely is! 

These are the best parts of living in Texas during the fall!

Awesome Weather

It’s no secret that summer in Texas is overwhelmingly hot: but the fall is far easier on everyone.  The temperatures drop to the comfortable 70s, and people get to enjoy watching the leaves change as the seasons shift.

Rain usually slows down in this season (unless you’re on the coast during hurricane season), and it’s simply far more enjoyable to spend time outside during this time of year.  If you visit Texas during the fall, don’t be surprised if you catch yourself hunting for Austin apartments for rent

Sports Fans Go Wild

Fall is when countless sports are going on.  From football to hockey, you’ll find fans and teams all over the state excited and engaged.  Texas does everything bigger and better, which is why the Dallas Cowboys are world famous, and this state is proud of each of its teams.

Cities have rivalries that are fun to watch happen in the fall, and even high school sports teams get in on the competitive energy.  If you’re looking for a state and place that will make you feel like you’re part of a team just by living here: it’s time to check out Texas in the fall!

Incredible Entertainment

Entertainment in Texas is more than just football!  When the temperatures begin to drop, there’s even more to do!  From Boo at the Zoo, a statewide event where every city hosts a Halloween celebration at their zoos, to Six Flags Over Texas’s Halloween celebration, there’s something for people of every age and interest to enjoy.

Hunting season also starts for doves and turkeys in the fall and encourages people to enjoy fresh meat that got to live a full and comfortable life in the wild before being harvested.  

No Tourists or Crowds

Summer and spring are Texas’s biggest tourism seasons, so it’s no mystery why this state is so exciting in the fall.  Without crowds filling up Galveston Beach or the countless other awesome tourism destinations, locals have full reign of the state and can make the most out of it!

This also means that hot tourism destinations drop in price, and money stretches a lot further.  Instead of having to pay $200 a night for an Airbnb on the beach, you’ll find prices closer to half of that.

More Affordable Living

Prices go far beyond just tourism hot spots!  There are also price drops for housing, allowing rent and house prices to decline.  The cheapest time to buy a home is the Christmas season, but buying in the fall ensures there are still a ton of options available to anyone who wants them.  

Texas Is Incredible Year Round! 

Texas is one of the best states to live in, regardless of what time of the year you show up!  Consider moving here and having a slice of paradise to yourself! 

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