June 5, 2023
Morry Rubin Gallery

Morry Rubin Gallery is a prominent real estate developer and art collector who has a diverse background in business and the arts. He is also an active investor in professional sports and has held various executive positions and directorships with many publicly traded companies. This extensive background has led him to create several successful businesses, including The Rubin Gallery.

Gallery Director of Morry Rubin

Michael McHenry is the gallery director of the Morry Rubin, and he is a contributor to the New Yorker. McHenry’s background is in business and law, but he always wanted to be a curator of art. He came to the Rubin from the New Yorker, where he was part of the events team that started the New Yorker Festival. Since joining the gallery, McHenry has integrated himself well into its operations.

Conservation Department

The conservation department at the Murray Rubin Gallery specializes in caring for the art pieces in the gallery. It works out of the Chillman Parlor and employs a variety of methods to clean and maintain the pieces. The staff also conducts educational programs to teach the proper cleaning and maintenance of painted surfaces. The conservators recently inspected twelve objects from the Empire period and thirty pieces of silver in the collection.

Mergers & Acquisitions

If you’re looking for a unique art experience in Miami, you’ll be delighted to visit the Morry Rubin gallery. Founded by real estate investor and entrepreneur Morry Rubin, this gallery features a diverse range of works by leading contemporary artists. The owner has a diverse background, having founded eCommerce giant Flexshopper, worked on collaborative projects, and served on the board of several public companies. He also holds an MBA in finance and has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions.

Michael McHenry

The current owner of the Morry Rubin gallery is Michael McHenry, who hails from Switzerland and originally intended to become a lawyer. However, he later changed his career path and turned to art. In the early 1980s, he moved to New York to pursue his passion and established the Morry Rubin Art Gallery. His background in the arts and scholarly works has helped him integrate a scholarly element into the museum’s programming.

Rubin Museum

The Rubin Museum at the Murray Rubin gallery is a unique cultural institution located in New York City. The founder and chairman of the gallery, Michael McHenry, had a diverse background including real estate, business and art. Although he initially planned to become a lawyer, he changed his mind and focused on art. In the early 1980s, he relocated to New York City and opened the gallery. Pauli Murray was a devoted husband and father, and was grandfather to numerous grandchildren.

This museum’s collection is large and diverse, spanning many cultural genres and regions. The collection includes both temporary and permanent exhibits. It is also home to a collection of more than 2,500 works of art. The museum has six gallery floors, with two entirely dedicated to the permanent collection.

Woodstock Art Gallery’s Education Department

The Woodstock Art Gallery’s education department is changing its programming and experimenting with innovative ways to engage the community. The staff is currently redesigning its current programs and exploring ways to engage the community online. Change is a constant at the gallery, and the new education director is committed to continuing that tradition.

The gallery’s education department offers a wide range of programs and resources aimed at helping visitors look closely at art objects. The department serves a variety of audiences, including adult visitors, K-12 teachers, museum educators, and college students. These programs provide new perspectives and opportunities for educators and art lovers to connect with art and its history.

Public Programs

The head of the education department oversees curatorial-level positions and manages academic affairs and public programs. Her team is also comprised of two departmental administrative assistants and several Fellows. She also oversees the budget for academic and education programs and collaborates with the Director and other staff members.

The Morry Rubin Gallery in New York is owned and operated by Michael McHenry, a native of Zurich, Switzerland. He studied law in college but changed his course after graduation to pursue his passion for art. He has a diverse background in business and real estate, as well as an interest in contemporary artists.

Artist-in-Residence Programs

The gallery has a diverse collection and frequently hosts international exhibitions. One of its most popular exhibitions is an annual student exhibition. It also hosts a teacher resource center and offers artist-in-residence programs. The gallery has also received generous support from Sotheby’s and Compass Bank Wealth Management Group.

Final Words:

The Morry Rubin Gallery is an innovative space that hosts many unique public programs. The gallery’s Brainwave program, for example, featured discussions between neuroscientists and artists to explore the relationship between art and meditation. The program also featured a 17th-century wooden torana with an Apsara carving.

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