January 31, 2023
Justin Goldsby

After pleading guilty to second-degree murder, Justin Goldsby was sentenced to over 25 years in prison. In court, he explained that his drug-addicted mother abused him. Nevertheless, his family maintains that he is innocent. In this article, we explore Goldsby’s life, his family, and his criminal record.

Three Years of Parole

After serving nearly 25 years for murdering Munger, Shane Goldsby was sentenced to more than two decades in prison. He will also serve three years of parole and must pay restitution to the Munger family. The exact amount of restitution will be determined in court. The sentence is lower than what Goldsby could have received if he were tried for the murder. It was less than 33 years, which the prosecution and defense recommended in a plea agreement. They sought to ensure that Munger’s wife would not live to see Goldsby finish his sentence.

Goldsby’s Lawyer

Goldsby’s lawyer read an apology to the court and said that his client had been abused as a child. He had spent time in ten different foster homes before child services rescued him. Goldsby was eventually reunited with his biological mother, who had a history of drug addiction. However, Goldsby resorted to drug use after he grew up.

Younger Sister

Justin Goldsby pleaded guilty to the murder of his younger sister and apologized to the victim’s family and the court. His mother, a drug addict, had abused him as a child, and he was placed in 10 different foster homes before being adopted. After his adoption, he reunited with his mother, but the two began using drugs again. When police caught up to their car, Goldsby tried to read his prepared statement but he was overwhelmed with emotion. His attorney finished the statement for him.


Goldsby’s conviction is the result of an investigation into the relationship between Goldsby and his sister. His sister and Goldsby had been in contact for several years before the killing occurred, and they had been in contact with one another. Nevertheless, Goldsby had a history of violence. He had once stolen a state trooper’s car, injuring the officer during a chase.

Washington State

According to the court records, Goldsby and Munger shared a cell in Airway Heights Correctional Center in Washington state. During their time in jail, the two had more than 20 fights. The two were not previously known to be cellmates. However, when they shared a cell at the same facility, Goldsby allegedly attacked Munger from behind, slamming her in the face. He also stomped on her head four times.

After pleading guilty to murdering his cellmate Justin Golddby, Avis Goldsby has been sentenced to over 25 years in prison. He will also serve three years of parole. He must also pay restitution to Munger’s family. The exact amount of restitution will be determined later. Goldsby had been facing a sentence of 33 years, but his sentence was reduced to avoid a potential family breakup.

Goldsby’s Lawyer

Justin Goldsby sentencing hearing included a speech by Goldsby’s lawyer. Goldsby explained that he had spent much of his childhood in foster care after his mother’s drug habit forced him to move to 10 foster homes. He eventually reunited with his mother, and began using drugs.

Goldsby has been in prison for over three years. He was originally sentenced to 33 years, but he later plead guilty to second-degree murder. Goldsby apologized to the Munger family, and said that he regretted his actions. However, the family of Munger remains in the dark about the motive behind the murder. Goldsby will have to pay restitution to the Munger family upon his release.

Goldsby’s Family

While Justin Goldsby’s family maintains his innocence, the Washington State Patrol has determined that he may have been involved in the crimes. Goldsby’s mother was a drug addict and Goldsby was often in and out of foster care. He was convicted of raping a boy and stabbing another one at a young age. During his time in prison, he reconnected with his mother and apologized to the families of the victims.

Goldsby was raised by a drug-addicted mother, and he went through as many as 10 foster homes. His mother relapsed into drug addiction once he was in jail, so Goldsby was transferred to an airway heights prison.

Final Words:

Goldsby’s criminal record is extensive. He met Munger while in prison, and the two were cellmates. The two assaulted Munger 14 times. They then beat her unconscious. When Goldsby was arrested for the murder, his sister confronted him at prison. The victim later died as a result of her injuries.

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