September 29, 2023

If you own a Jeep in a hurricane-prone area, modifications can help your vehicle to survive and thrive. During a hurricane, you will need to prepare for flooding, wind, rain and large debris. Jeep soft tops and stock suspension may not cut it in the face of extreme weather. Prepare your rig in advance for whatever may come your way.

Protect Your Jeep’s Exterior

The exterior of your vehicle will take the brunt of the storm if you don’t keep your Jeep in a garage. Don’t be shy about adding extra layers of protection. You can bulk up your vulnerable front end with a grill guard and mounted Jeep bumpers. There will be lots of debris flying and floating at high speeds, after all. You should consider investing in a hard top for added security if you don’t have one already. Jeep covers are also available in a handful of different styles; look for one that can withstand powerful wind.

Don’t forget about long-term protection, either. Prolonged exposure to water means rust, so take thorough preventative measures. You can apply a sealant or coating to your undercarriage and other exposed metal parts. You can even add plate armor or side skins to protect the doors, body and paint.

Suspension for Flooding

If your vehicle could be sitting in high water, you will want a high ground clearance. The higher off the ground, the less you’ll have to worry about water damage. To achieve this feat you will need a lift kit. Two types of Jeep lift kits are available, body lift or suspension lift. You can combine them for extra height. Keep in mind that a suspension lift can serve you the rest of the year in your off-roading endeavors, as well.

Once you have lifted your Jeep, you will have room for larger tires. Big, tough tires will give you more height, provide additional traction and protect against damage from sharp debris. There are many specifications of tires available depending on your needs. With all this lift, don’t forget to include a side step or running board for ease of access.

Help Your Neighbors

Your Jeep can be a powerful tool for helping your family and your neighbors through the aftermath of a hurricane. It may be one of the only usable vehicles in the neighborhood if you’ve customized it appropriately. Mobility is crucial after a devastating weather event, especially when roads are inacessible.

There are also plenty of accessories that can aid the recovery process. You can tow or pull debris and other items from inconvenient places with a tail hitch or mounted winch. You can set up an extra battery or power converter to charge phones when the power goes out. Heavy duty spotlights can aid search and rescue in the dark. The list goes on.

A Jeep can be a lifesaver in adverse situations. Anyone who goes through a busy hurricane season can tell you that planning is critical. Begin making thoughtful modifications now so that your vehicle may face many hurricane seasons to come.

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