March 31, 2023

It is important to highlight that online education has revolutionized the educational sector by providing it with better methods and Technology through which an advanced and digitalised education process has been able to be developed. Through the use of online education and online course builder , students and teachers have been provided with an opportunity to enhance the learning process and also develop new skills that will provide them with better opportunities in the future. Considering the case of the students it is important to highlight that through the implementation of modern technology in online education it has now become possible for them to have a better understanding of the different kinds of modern technology that is developed across the world and innovations that it has developed. The student has also been provided with better exposure to events of both National and international importance with which they have been encouraged to participate and show their creation and talent thereby bringing glory and accolades to the country.  It is important to highlight that even in the last 6 to 8 years the knowledge of online education was significantly negligible with only a certain part of the society being aware of its benefits and being very reluctant to use the same. However, that concept has been significantly eroded over time and especially after the covid-19 pandemic happened where it was found that online education was the only alternative through which the students could have continued with the education process.

Initially there were a lot of apprehensions present regarding whether online education would be as effective as offline or traditional means of education. However, The start of online education and online courses also led to the development of a new market. Most private organizations are responsible to create online courses that will resonate with the students and will be specifically developed based on the curriculum that will be provided by the educational boards. Moreover, through several training undertaken by the teachers on online education and teaching methods the teachers were also successful in the development of an interactive classroom that will promote the concepts of innovation and creativity and help in the development of strong individuals for the future.

It is important to understand the concept of creativity and innovation is considered to be two major parameters that are responsible for pushing an individual or company towards growth in the market. However, it is also important to state that the concept of innovation and creativity is often developed as a result of high imagination and practice as well as knowledge combined together. In most cases the students are unable to Foster the development of innovation and creativity in their mind due to lack of understanding and lack of knowledge that makes it difficult for them to picturize and work towards new innovations. However, it has been found that in online education to the implementation of modern technology such as that of Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality the students are being effectively provided with an opportunity to work on these aspects of creativity and innovation that will provide them with the necessary strategy based on which the career objectives can be achieved.

The role of teachers in encouraging students

The teachers are very much responsible for the development of an engaging and interactive environment that promotes Innovation and creativity in young minds. It is the responsibility of the teacher to work towards describing conception using teaching methods that will contribute towards the development of curiosity in the minds of the students so that they can work on different kinds of innovative ideas thereby leading to the development of something new. In the last few years especially with the start of the pandemic and using online education as an alternative the students have been provided with a better understanding of how innovation has paid to the world for the management of productivity in the market and even individual lives. true modern innovations like that of Data Analytics and even scientific inventions have now become possible for individuals to lead a better life. It is the responsibility of the teachers to help students understand these aspects and push them towards achieving their objectives.

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