September 29, 2023

There are two main styles of chair you have to choose from when it comes down to choosing a chair for your home or office. While both are chairs, they offer comfort and ergonomic features. However, there is a difference in the style of each.

The AndaSeat Jungle 2 gaming chair is compact and mid-range. It has adjustable lumbar support and neck support.

Although gamers may be tempted to purchase a bucket-seat gaming chairs, while office workers might prefer something more professional, there is no need to be locked into one. If you find a better chair for the same price, it might be worth trying the other.

This is what I tried to discover by trying out chairs from two different companies, each with their own brands and product lines. Which gaming chair wins the battle for the office chair?

The Office Chair

Flexispot sent me the Flexi Chair BS1B ergonomic office chairs to test. It proved to be a comfortable chair that I can use every day. The assembly was straightforward with clear instructions. The overall design is professional but understated. There are no flashy colors or oversized features. It has a functional design that allows you to adjust the fit to your body.

One of the most noticeable differences between office chairs and gaming chairs is their mesh backs. The latter are built almost exclusively around a racing bucket-seat design and have a solid back. Office chairs are more often made with mesh backs to increase airflow and keep you cool during long working hours.

Although the overall quality of the Flexi-Chair was good, it could have been a bit rougher. Although it is sturdy and well-built, there is a lot heavy-duty plastic and some areas have a rough finish, especially where bolts or screws are concerned. I am not impressed by the coasters’ effectiveness and quietness. However, they are basic and leave me wondering about their long-term durability.

However, the seat cushion is exceptional. The cushion is thick enough to provide plenty of padding and wide enough for traditional cross-legged sitting. To allow for a wide range of seating options, the arm rests can be removed completely. You can adjust their height and angle to make them more comfortable.

My only complaint about this chair was its rough edges. Flexispot has chosen to not offer the cost-effective option, which would have provided a cushion that supports your lower back. However, this fixed solution is too restrictive. It should provide excellent support if you are less than an inch above the average height.

At 5’5″, I felt that my lumbar support was not enough for me. You’ll have more success if your height is closer to the median. I may just have to choose a chair with adjustable lumbar support for maximum comfort.

Gaming Chair

The AndaSeat Jungle 2 gaming chair is mid-range. It features a classic bucket seat design, two adjustable support cushions, adjustable armrests, and a built in foot rest. The assembly was simple, the frame is strong, and there are neat stitches throughout.

This bucket chair is a more comfortable one to sit in. Despite the large holes at the back that allow air to pass through the cushion straps and the bucket design, the chair has zero airflow. This chair is not recommended for gamers who are particularly sweaty.

The support is still firm and the lumbar support cushion can be adjusted to your liking. Although it isn’t as strong as the Flexispot chair’s built-in support, it can be used to provide some cushioning for your lower back.

The AndaSeat Jungle2 lumbar support cushion provides sufficient padding for your lower back

The other parts of the chair can be adjusted as well. The chair has a good height range, a sturdy tilt mechanism that is versatile, and armrests that can be moved up or down, as well as a changeable angle. There are only two options: 45 degrees in and outside or straight forward. This doesn’t allow for much flexibility for forearm placement. They are extremely sturdy and will last for longer than the Flexispot chairs.

The foot rest is also a nice feature. However, it’s not as impressive as the rest of my chair. It supports my legs well and allows me to lean back for a more relaxed position. The chair’s build quality is not as great as the rest. It is a little rickety, and the fabric is just stapled. It’s almost as if it came from a cheaper chair.

Do You Need An Office Chair or A Gaming Chair?

Personal preference will be a key factor in the decision to buy a chair. Nevertheless, there are clear advantages to each style of chair and these were evident in my tests of the two styles.

Gaming chairs with the bucket seat design principle are more rigid and less comfortable. Throughout my testing, the solid back and sturdy base of the AndaSeat Jungle 2 provided support and security. Its bucket-seat design means it has the same wings as seats in cars. They are the ones that keep you steady while you turn corners. They do not make it easy to sit back against the backrest without sloping your shoulders. This is bad for posture.

It can also get very hot, and even in the sombre black it came in it doesn’t look professional. The chair looks cool, but it might not be the best.

FlexiSpot BS1B office chairs, however, look professional. The chair is also very airy and cool. Additionally, the wider back design allows for more comfort. For me, the lack of an adjustable height for the lumbar support is a problem. However, if you are willing to add padding or are not as tall as me, you should be fine.

If given the option, I would choose the office chair. It’s not as strong overall and the finish isn’t as good. It doesn’t feel as sturdy as the AndaSeat jungle 2, and it certainly isn’t as stylish. Its wider design allows for correct posture and is a departure from most gaming chairs’ bucket-seat design.

Although it lacks some of the bells, whistles, and features of the AndaSeat’s Jungle 2, I believe the Jungle 2 is better. It doesn’t make it better, at least for me.

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