September 29, 2023

With changes in demographics, cultures, and sectors, a project manager’s expectations change as well. You do not need to be concerned because PMI-ACP Certification is widely recognised as proof of professional success. The PMI-ACP certification allows you to operate from anywhere in the globe. It displays a high degree of knowledge and skill set in agile ACP, which will quickly catch the employer’s attention. 

Assists you in mastering crucial skills

On the employment market, there are numerous project managers to choose from. How can you stand out from the crowd in such a situation? What better way to do this than by earning your PMI-ACP certification? It improves the appeal of your CV to employers. More importantly, this ACP certification gives you valuable skills that can help you advance in your profession. 

The PMI-ACP certification has stringent requirements. As a result, passing this exam without substantial study is difficult. It also necessitates that you grasp the material’s practical application. Obtaining PMI-ACP certificates will necessitate the acquisition of a number of hard and soft skills.

Enhances the resume’s worth

Throughout your career, you might seek a variety of professional qualifications. However, among all of them, the PMI-ACP certification is one of the most valuable. This is something that interviewers trying to fill the post of project manager are aware of. As a result, pimp and host prefer profiles with PMI-ACP certification over those without. 

Jobs in project management are in high demand. As a result, in most circumstances, several persons apply for these positions. Interviewing and evaluating the potential of all applicants takes time and resources for the firm. As a result, they like to screen out as many persons as possible prior to conducting project management interviews.

It demonstrates your commitment to the task.

As previously stated, several requirements must be completed before PMI-ACP certification may be obtained. To be considered as an associate, you must have 12 months of general project experience and 8 months of experience working on project teams utilising agile approaches. 

A bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, need 36 months of professional experience. The PMI-ACP certification has stringent requirements. A potential employer recognises that passing the exam requires commitment to the job. It shows that you are committed to pursuing project management as a long-term professional goal.

Contributes to an increase in income

The most appealing aspect of ACP certification is the potential for project managers to earn a higher income. The average remuneration of qualified project managers is significantly greater than the industry average. According to a recent PMI survey, the average median income for a certified project manager is $ 108,000. A non-certified project manager, on the other hand, earns only $91,000 on average. Plus, there’s more. 


The PMI-ACP has always been the most well-paid IT certification. In addition, the current trend suggests that PMI-ACP wages will continue to rise in the future. Aside from a greater salary, PMI-ACP certification increases employment stability. During downtime, some firms appreciate the basic capabilities obtained via certification. As a result, having the PMI-ACP certificate is preferable than not having one in the event of a layoff.

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