September 29, 2023
Sherry Dyson

Sherry Dyson, an acclaimed mathematician, married financial expert Chris Gardner in 1977. The couple’s love story is one of success and disappointment. While they were married, Sherry became pregnant with her husband’s son. However, the pregnancy was aborted and the couple ended their relationship. Unfortunately, they never had any contact again after their separation.

Harvard University

Sherry and Chris met in the 1970s when both were students at Harvard University. They went to a movie and became romantically involved. They later moved in together and lived in different cities. They talked on the phone for hours every night until they became separated by distance. They eventually separated, and Gardner revealed that the phone bill once reached $900. This prompted Sherry Dyson to write a biography about her life.

Expert Mathematician

The two were not married for long. Sherry was an expert mathematician who started her life as an American citizen. The two eventually divorced in 1986, and Sherry continued working as a security guard in the evening. They had no children together and were divorced three years later. Although Chris Gardner’s life was filled with many a tragic event, his life is filled with love and joy.

Life-Story-Oriented Biography

Sherry Dyson’s marriage to Chris Gardner caused a lot of scandal in their lives. Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner’s life story is very interesting. In addition to a life-story-oriented biography, this biography covers her career and family. Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr. was born on January 28, 1981. After the marriage, the couple separated, and the child went to live with her.

Sherry Dyson was not a mother during her marriage. During their time together, they were married for only two years and had no children. Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner’s life did not end happily, but they remained close. Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner are now divorced. Sherry Dyson was an exceptional financial specialist who made the American dream a reality.

Hardship & Success

Sherry Dyson’s life was full of hardship and success. Despite the many difficulties that she had to face, she was able to overcome them with her strong faith and a loving heart. Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner were divorced in 1986. Sherry’s life was very difficult, but she and Chris shared their love. Sherry had one son with him.

Sherry Dyson was an accomplished math teacher and married Chris Gardner. After nine years together, Sherry and her husband divorced. Sherry Gardner’s divorce came as a surprise, and after his marriage, the couple had two children together. The couple’s son Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr. was born on January 28, 1981. Their daughter was born at a young age.

Who Married Chris Gardner?

Sherry Dyson is an American scientist who married Chris Gardner. The couple had a son named Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr. Sherry and Chris had a son. Sherry was also an education expert and was employed as a security guard. While their relationship was intense, they were separated at an early age. Sherry’s daughter was born a miscarriage, so their relationship was complicated.

Sherry Dyson is an American citizen. She is of black ethnicity. Her ancestry is African. Her height and weight are not known, but her body is considered average. Her hair and eye color are black. She has an average-sized body. She has a thin figure. Her eyes are dark. She has a small waist. Sherry has a slim build.


Sherry Dyson was a mathematician before her marriage with Chris Gardner. She became an educator after her marriage. She had a son with Gardner, but she and Chris had separate lives. Sherry was the only one to marry a man she loved. Her two children are still the center of her life. Sherry Dyson is a woman who was born into poverty. She was a student in the poorest family.

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