April 2, 2023
Frank Azar

In 1987, Frank Azar founded his firm, Franklin D. Azar & Associates, P.C., focusing on personal injury lawsuits. With offices in Aurora, Denver, and Fort Collins, Azar has developed a solid reputation as one of Colorado’s most successful plaintiff’s attorneys. He has won thousands of cases, including thousands of settlements, and has received widespread recognition for his aggressive marketing.

Annual Charity Tournament

Azar, also known as “The Strong Arm,” has a net worth of over $10 million. He is also an avid collector of imported cigars, plays golf, and enjoys a good movie. In addition to his law practice, he enjoys golf and even sponsors an annual charity tournament. The tournament, called the Frank Azar Invitational, attracts players from all over the country and raises money for scholarships for local students.

Local Community Events

Azar is also involved in local community events. He has a sponsorship of the Bear Creek Mustangs Little League Football team and has been an active community member for many years. Azar’s efforts to expand his practice have earned him widespread recognition in the Denver area and beyond. The firm is also known for its commitment to helping the people of the surrounding community through charitable works, such as sponsoring a football team in the local neighbourhood.

Numerous High-Profile Cases

Azar has handled numerous high-profile cases. He has represented clients against Wal-Mart, and his dedication to protecting his clients’ rights led to over three-quarters billion dollars in settlements. This resulted in many changes in the company’s policies regarding overtime and missed breaks. Contact a qualified attorney today if you’ve been injured in a car crash or workplace injury. It could make a difference in your financial situation.

Assisting Whistleblowers

The first step in seeking legal help is to know who you’re dealing with. In addition to representing clients in litigation, Frank Azar is also active in assisting whistleblowers. He has helped numerous individuals and corporations recover millions of dollars in damages due to corporate misconduct. As a result, Azar’s clients have a good chance of winning their case in court, which is a crucial step in any lawsuit.

Suing Large Corporations

Frank Azar has successfully represented his clients in various lawsuits for over twenty years. He has been appointed to the plaintiffs’ steering committee for the DePuy hip litigation. He also works to curb corporate corruption and whistleblowers’ rights. If you’re injured, you should contact an attorney who has experience in the type of case you’re facing. In addition to the personal injury cases, Azar has also helped the whistleblowers suing large corporations.

Multi-District Litigation

Frank Azar has extensive experience representing clients in multi-district litigation. He has extensive industry knowledge, allowing him to express his clients effectively. He is also an active member of the plaintiffs’ steering committee in the DePuy hip lawsuit. Frank Azar has also been appointed to the defendants’ steering committee of the case. This makes him a well-known name in the greater Denver area.

Frank Azar has been an Assistant District Attorney for the Third Judicial District for over 30 years. His firm is now renowned for its ability to provide clients with effective representation in various legal areas. However, he has also been successful in the area of class actions. Azar has been appointed as an Assistant District Attorney for the Third Judiciary. As a result, he was rewarded with a lucrative salary, which prompted him to pursue his own law practice.

Final Words:

Frank Azar has experience representing clients in many different types of legal cases. A judge praised his work on the DePuy hip litigation as an advocate for the DePuy hip. Azar also has a passion for helping to curb corporate corruption and whistleblowers by providing effective legal representation. This means that you won’t have to pay high premiums to hire an attorney who will fight for your interests here.

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