November 25, 2022

We have stereotypes of childhood, formed mainly by our parents. People rarely change their minds, especially those with strong beliefs. This also applies to computer games where the association is immediately negative. We believe, after all, that they keep us out of the natural world and lead to addiction. This information is unreliable and has not been officially and scientifically verified. The benefits of computer games have been proven time and time again.

Here are 7 reasons why it is sometimes even beneficial to play computer games.


Self-esteem depends directly on our victories and promotions. So when a competitor wins, he is satisfied. And his self-esteem is growing. A study has been conducted that showed that people who play good hero roles exhibit this behavior when they come in contact with people in real life. Professors have confirmed this at Trent University and Stanford University.


Sometimes we have to show emotions, even negative emotions. The game makes it possible not to fight with friends, relatives, relatives because all the aggressive, emotional outbursts take place online of the characters in the game. In terms of emotion, we must consider TFUE. No matter how much money TFUE makes a month, he is emotionally attached to the gaming and has emotions for it.

Improving English

The teaching provides a basis for understanding the language. However, it takes practice to start navigating, but it is not easy to master. Although English is widely used in games, people are motivated to learn it, and there is room to practice in games.


To get involved in a business, everyone wants to know as much as possible about the event. The great thing about computer games is that they expand your horizons. For example, tank players were interviewed and found more interested in military history and tank building. So they started visiting exhibitions and museums related to this topic.

Creativity and Imagination

The players face many challenges. By solving it, a person improves their ability to find different answers and starts thinking about a broader range of problems.

Improve Coordination

The best evidence is that European children play computer games in school because they help develop logical thinking and memory. It works well in all sorts of mysteries. The benefits of computer games have even been proven in schools. Some surgeons play shooting games to train the coordination of movements for a successful operation.

Meeting New People

It’s much easier to meet someone in the game. People feel more open online because they share hobbies. It brings them together. That said, players can be characterized as more social than many people who refuse to play at all. Many stories of how people found each other and got married through communication in online games.


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