January 24, 2023

Most of the people are swamped in office work during the weekends. A long weekend is still a dream for many. Working 6 days straight can be tiresome and unhealthy. People have since realized the value of a day off and want to spend every minute of it relaxing and detoxing.

Below are some perfect day out getaways near Bengaluru to relax and pamper themselves. 

Shilhaandara Resort

The Shilhaandara resort is a beautiful nature themed resort located in Ramanagara district. The speciality of this district is that it has been successful in maintaining its infrastructure as eco-friendly as possible. Hence the district and its resorts prioritize nature over luxury. Similarly, Shilhaandara resort’s infrastructure gives off relaxed natural vibes, surrounded by brown granite rocks and lush green grasslands. The resort is located 47 kms away from Bengaluru. The rooms are well equipped and some come with a jacuzzi. The ambience at  Shilhaandara will make you curl up with a good book or be pumped with adrenaline to engage in activities like rope line, zip line, quad bike, paintball and many more. If you are looking to do nothing and be pampered, there is an  ayurvedic spa centre in the resort. Their day out packages which start 760rs onwards. 

Eagleton Golf Resort

This is one of the biggest and luxurious golf courses in Bengaluru. This is a high-end resort catering to the needs of golf enthusiasts and their family. The golf courses are a perfect way to go about business deals and corporate meetings. The resort has a separate family and kids area. You can finish your office/business deals, head back to your family and spend the remaining day having a quality time. 

Guhantara Resort

Guhantara is a cave themed resort filled with indoor and outdoor activities to engage in. The resort has some exclusive day out packages for family and team outings. These include relaxing nature walks, trekking, cave explorations, rope line, zip line, zorbing ball etc. The cave themed rooms give off a rural, rustic feel unlike the standard hotel rooms. This rural retreat 34 km from Bengaluru and ready to be your one excursion. 

Baevu, The Village  

Like the name suggests, Baevu is an authentic village resort. The village is occupied with little individual cottages with old-style Bangalorean furniture, wooden architecture and red tiled roofs. The surroundings of this village include wide farms where they grow organic vegetables for their meals. There is a separate area for outdoor activities and an outside pool. In outdoor activities, enjoy a tractor ride, volleyball, cricket,football and bonfire. This village resort is 60 kms away from Bengaluru main city. Take your friends here for a quick getaway.

Kaadgal Resort

Kaadgal resort is the epitome of offering rural, rustic, nature infused ambience. The individual wooden huts, wooden tent stays are the key features of this resort. Due to its prime location, the view you get after visiting this resort is breathtaking. The place has a swimming pool and a lake nearby if you choose to dip your legs in the water. They also provide dorm rooms for a larger group and tons of outdoor adventure activities like zip line, zorbing ball, trekking rock climbing etc. This allround place is 68 kms from Bengaluru so keep it in mind if your friends ever decide to go for an impromptu day out.

Thappalu Resort

Thappalu is spread vast in its area providing ample opportunity to play outside or lay in the grass. The open concept of this property makes it look bigger and airy. The food provided seems to be exceptionally delicious. It is approximately 75 kms away from Bengaluru. This vast resort also consists of a pool, volleyball court, cricket area and enough space to play other outdoor games. 

Other noteworthy resorts nearby are; Galibore resort and jungle stay, Nature Adventure Camp, Orange wood resort, Odyssey Retreat and many more. Galibore Resort and Nature Adventure camps are located in Kanakapura.

Most of the resorts in Bangalore are nature themed and promote outdoor activities. Sitting in the same spot for hours in the office leaves little space for physical and mental detox for the employees. All of the resorts mentioned above welcome every type of guest as they understand the mundane work life can be exhausting. Often team outings are held here in order to help their employees maintain the work/life balance. Since none of these resorts are beyond 100km radius of the main city, they can be approached easily without any rigorous prior planning. 

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