December 5, 2023

The south Indian state of Goa remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, and especially so during the monsoon season. Fortunately, it has lots to offer year-round, with beautiful beaches, interesting sightseeing spots, delicious food, and more. Whether you’re staying in South Goa or are on your way there, you’ll find these tips for sightseeing in South Goa useful as you plan your trip!

South Goa Beaches

While there are many wonderful beaches in South Goa, a few stand out from all of them. Colva beach is one of these places, as it is home to a wide variety of water sports, as well as some of South Goa’s best fish curry. The food available at most of South Goa’s beaches is amazing; what makes it even better is that it’s served right on the beach! If you’re in need of some relaxation time, you can go ahead and take a ride down any one of South Goa’s beaches on your scooter. This will allow you to enjoy yourself while exploring new parts along with beautiful scenery.

South Goa Churches

The best way to visit all South Goa Churches is by renting a car in South Goa. Aside from getting around, a car gives you maximum flexibility and allows you to customise your itinerary as per your liking. You can check out places like the Church of St. Cajetan (above), Our Lady of Grace Church, Chapel of St. Anthony, Loutolim Church (below), St. Andrews Church or Assagao Church (left). Check out our guide on how to rent a car in South Goa for detailed information on fees, policies, pick-up/drop-off locations etc.

Palolem Beach

One of South Goa’s most popular beaches, Palolem is a stunning spot for water sports like swimming, surfing, snorkelling, windsurfing and parasailing. With powdery white sand beaches that stretch along seven kilometres of shoreline, Palolem is also a great place for sunbathing or just lazing around.

Chorao Island

The wild and untouched beauty of Chorao Island is what makes it a must-visit destination for south Goa tour packages. It’s here that you’ll see some of South Goa’s most pristine beaches, as well as its abundant marine life. While swimming, you may even come across endangered species such as dolphins! Don’t miss out on visiting Chorao Island while in South Goa.

Calangute Beach

The most famous beach in South Goa is a well-known favourite for tourists visiting from across India. Calangute offers a great range of restaurants, shopping, nightlife, water sports, etc. It is situated just south of Baga Beach and north of Candolim Beach. This resort town has excellent beaches stretching all along its northern end. The popular markets at Palolem and Chaudi are located near Calangute Beach as well.

Aguada Fort

The Aguada Fort is a Portuguese fort located in Aguda, near Panaji in Goa. It is one of two fortifications built by the Portuguese on either side of Mormugao Harbour, constructed in 1552 after they captured Goa from Bijapur Sultanate. Situated strategically at a high point overlooking Mormugao harbour and Old Goa, Fort Aguada was later used as a prison for political prisoners including Indian freedom fighters.

Vagator Beach

One of South Goa’s most popular beach destinations, Vagator is easily accessible and best enjoyed when you’re staying in nearby Anjuna. It’s an ideal location for families, with several large public swimming pools in case of rain. With plenty of restaurants dotting its shoreline, travellers will find it easy to explore different cuisines during their stay.

Anjuna Flea Market

If you’re looking for a market experience with lots of character, check out Anjuna Flea Market. It’s located about 3km from Vagator Beach in North Goa, near Talpona Beach. Every Tuesday morning during monsoon season (July to October), hundreds of vendors set up stalls selling everything from original artwork to gorgeous textiles.

Morjim Beach

Although it is not a popular beach, Morjim Beach is a must-visit when in South Goa. The best time to visit Morjim Beach is early morning; as it remains quite crowded throughout most of the day.

Mobor Beach

This beach is located in South Goa, Mobor is popular among both national and international tourists. A clean white sand stretches for a long distance. If you want to spend some peaceful time with your family, then head towards Mobor Beach during weekends or public holidays. It’s also one of India’s safest beaches for swimming as it has a very calm water surface. So if you plan a weekend trip to South Goa, don’t forget to add it on your list of places to visit while in India. Visiting Mobor beach might be an ideal way of spending quality time with family members over spring break.


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