June 2, 2023

Trekking in Ladakh has become more popular than ever and one of the most famous treks among all is Chadar Trek. The word Chadar means ‘sheet’ and that’s what this part of Ladakh is known for, the frozen river with ice so thick that you can walk on it.

Chadar Trek – Introduction

The Chadar Trek is a winter trek which connects Ladakh with Zanskar. The trek has been open from 2005 onwards, although access was restricted only during winters until 2007 due to avalanches and inclement weather. The Chadar Trek can be done in two ways: either via Wari La or Lipu Lekh pass. Both these passes are frozen for about six months every year and offer some of the most dramatic views of Mt Shishapangma (8027m), Mt Kailash (7568m) and Mt Lingtren (7200m). The latter pass is also referred to as the Great Wall of India while Wari La is also known as Heaven’s Gate.

Chadar Trek – Packages Costs

$2000-2600 (Not Including airfare) The package costs vary depending on what you want but generally, it is approximately $2000-$2600. This includes food, accommodation and local support during your trek along with permits and government fees. If you are looking for a more luxurious trip with all meals provided then expect to pay an additional 1-2k$. Most treks are 8 days long so that’s just around 250$ per day excluding flights. Chadar trek is perhaps one of the most expensive treks in India but there’s no denying that every penny is worth it when it comes to experiencing Chadar Trek!

Chadar Trek – Best Time To Visit

The Chadar Trek, when covered with ice, is considered one of those treks that are best enjoyed in winter. But visiting it in autumn and spring also seems an exciting experience. So, if one doesn’t want to stay away from nature even in the summer season, he/she can visit Ladakh from mid-June to mid-September as well. The temperature varies from 15 degrees celsius in winter to 30 degrees celsius during summer making it an ideal destination for tourists of every age group. One should wear woollen clothes before starting off on their trekking expedition which should be taken off only after reaching your campsite since one usually gets sweaty after a long walk and putting on wet clothes again can be harmful for health.

Chadar Trek – Do’s and Don’t

Chadar trek is quite popular for its challenging conditions. Though it is lesser known than some of other treks in Ladakh, a majority of travellers prefer doing Chadar because it is entirely unique and adventurous. While a large number of trekkers go on Chadar trek every year, there are many first-timers who take up that activity without having any knowledge about it. Hence, we have compiled do’s and don’ts that will help everyone who wants to do Chadar Trek safely. 

How To Prepare For Trekking Chadar Trek

Before starting Chadar Trek, you should prepare yourself from both physical and mental perspectives. As it is a challenging trek, only those who are physically fit and mentally sound can take on Chadar Trek successfully. So, before going for Chadar Trek, give serious thought to your own self-awareness. Moreover, if your age is above 45 or if you have heart problems then do not go for Chadar Trek at any cost as it can prove harmful for you in more ways than one. If people travelling with you have these medical issues then make sure that they are medically fit enough before attempting Chadar Trek with them. In case someone falls ill during a trip then having good knowledge of first aid techniques may prove helpful in saving lives.

Chadar Trek – Camping

Whether you’re planning a camping trip or trekking in India, here’s what you should know about one of the world’s most picturesque treks. Chadar trek or frozen river trek is a very adventurous and life-threatening expedition. This 3-4 day wilderness trail takes place on India’s most beautiful frozen Zanskar River. The Zanskar River remains frozen from January till mid-March due to low temperatures. The walking route consists of a crisscross of small water bodies that connect each other like a network of interlinked lakes, leading up to the base camp at Gurais that lies at 16000 ft above sea level.


Chadar trek is a popular trek which starts from Leh and ends at Hemis National Park (Jang is famous for its waterfalls). Chadar trek has world class glacial streams. This snow leopard preserve of Hemis national park lies in the Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir, India. It is sometimes called the Switzerland of India because of its beautiful terrains and glaciers. Chadar means blanket in Hindi language; so it is also known as The Frozen River of Ladakh. The frozen river can be easily navigated by hiking or sliding on ice, no special equipment or winter clothing required for Chadar Trek.

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