December 4, 2023

Burj Khalifa is the story of the tallest tower mankind has ever built, it is the story of the engineers and workers who built it half a mile high, it is the story of the men and women who live and work inside this building and a story filled with glamor and emotions.  This is the exclusive story of the burj khalifa, this is the highest building on earth, the world’s first true vertical city.

     In 2003 close to 200 skyscrapers were finished or under construction now the ruler of dubai his highness sheik mohammed bin rashid al maktoum gave a very simple order.  Only a few months since dubai-based developer emaar appointed the chicago firm som their project architect eric tomic is on site from day one it’s a little bit counter, york city or various other geological climates, they use what are called friction piles and the friction piles are drilled down into the sand and soft rock which is down there and these friction piles develop their load bearing capacity based on their dimension and the length and they’re about 45 meters deep and generally about one and half meters in diameter and there are about 200 of these piles that are drilled down into the desert soil the desert flower hymenocallis inspired the shape of the tower’s foundation the shape a bold decision.     

     Once the foundation is laid the tower grows at maximum speed the site is humming 24 hours a seven days a week.  There is a new floor every three days, when the terraces work up in a certain pattern and create a helical traces of the building and the building is not symmetrical, then the wind as much less effect on moving the building about when the building goes up its an asymmetrical structure and it creeps and shrinks a little bit asymmetrically.  There was three different gps station on the ground and a gps station at very top of the building where the concrete was being cast every day and through triangulation they could actually measure through gps what the nearest approximation of the center of the building was and finding that they could plumb and center all the part of the formwork

     The Burj Khaifa’s total height is 829.7 meters from the ground floor to the top of its spire.  With 163 floors, the Burj Khalifa holds the world record for numbers of floors.  It also has the world’s highest observation deck on the 148th floor, nightclub on the 144th floor and restaurant on the 122nd floor.  35,000 people that can be accommodated in the building, dubbed the vertical city, at any given time.  95 kilometers is the maximum distance from which the bruj khalifa’s iconic spire can be seen.  137,000 liters of the volume of water the Bruj Khalifa’s condensate collection system accumulates each day.  16.3 Million dollars is the cost of the Burj Khalifa’s most expensive apartment unit 2017, when a 32 million dollars apartment in the Palm Jumeirah is completed.  1.5 billion dollars is the estimated total cost of the Burj Khalifa, which includes nearly 22 million man-hours and nearly 100,00 metric tons of concrete.  43 thousand dollars is the cost of office space per square meter within the Burj Khalifa’s.  That’s about, per square foot 4,000 dollars three times higher than New York City’s average.  135 dollars is the cost of an at the top sky ticket, which will grant you access to the burj khalifa’s 148th floor during prime hours.

     Burj Khalifa is developed by large properties as the world’s tallest building is 828 meters high.  It took six years to build towers.  It was officially inaugurated in january 2010.  It took 22 million hours to build.  Burj Khalifa made a record breaking of 3000 million concentre material.  Over 1000 pieces of art are present.  Many of the pieces of art are commissioned as tribute to the spirit of global warming.  The elevator of Burj Khalifa moves at the speed of 10 meters per second.

     The Burj Khalifa is one of the most iconic buildings in the world.  It’s height, its unique architecture and all of the records it has broken.

Burj Khalifa is the best place to visit and enjoy….!

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